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Well, I have already set up my blog and written a few posts, so it is time to register my blog with Vermont’s 23 Things.  I’m a bit ahead of schedule but that is the beauty of a self-paced educational experience!  


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Hmmm… having just watched the slide show on lifelong learning I am left scratching my head.  It was well organized and thoughtful, but if you are already a lifelong learner, do you really need such basic “habits” spelled out for you?  There was nothing earth-shaking there.  Having said that, I suppose it does outline the steps that many of us take without thinking much about it.  

We are being asked to elaborate on which of the habits is hardest for us and which is easiest.  I would say that most of the habits come easily to me:  

  • I do set small goals for myself 
  • I am a very self directed learner
  • I overcome obstacles 
  • I believe I have the ability to learn new things
  • I’m a librarian- so of course I create a “toolbox” of resources as I learn
  • I use technology in a variety of ways
  • I teach others (another trait of a librarian, no?), sometimes even when they don’t want to learn.
The hardest for me is definitely habit 7 and 1/2: Play.  I can get way too serious about my learning and forget to have fun with it.  This was a good reminder of what all good teachers know: the best learning happens when you are having fun.  


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I’m spending some time this summer exploring Web 2.0 tools with Vermont’s 23 things. This opportunity really appeals to me as an independent learner.  I’m looking forward to learning at my own pace and on my own schedule. 

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